Terra Incognita

Awaken, Believe, Ascend!

At the turn of the millennium, it looked like the Ascension War was over, and it looked like the Technocracy had won. The destruction of Horizon (home of the Council of Nine Traditions) and Doissetep (the greatest Ancestral Chantry of the Order of Hermes) rocked the Traditions, the fallout of the Week of Nightmares and Avatar Storm in 1999 seemed like the end. as the Technomancers tightened their stranglehold grip on the world . . .

And then came the resurgence of the war. The mysterious Sphinx or “Rogue Council” began sending messages that encouraged the Traditions to strike back at the Technocracy. The Avatar Storm (or “Dimensional Anomaly” as the Technocracy would have it) howled and raged, but eventually blew itself out. A New Horizon Council was formed, building on the ashes of the old Council, renewing itself and becoming strong again like the Phoenix of legend.

And that is where your characters come in. They live in the post-Reckoning World of Darkness, in which the Ascension War is renewed and Reality is up for grabs. Your characters belong to a cabal based in the city of Chicago, tasked by the New Horizon Council with recovering some of the lost glory of the Nine Traditions – lost Nodes, Chantry houses, lore, spells, treasures . . . the Council will pay well for the recovery of what was lost. Of course, you have your own interests, and there is still a War on, but you also get the opportunity to travel around and explore the World of Darkness . . . and after the Reckoning, no one really knows for sure what’s out there . . . it’s Terra Incognita . . .

Terra Incognita

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